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Fields of Operation

The fields of humanitarian service that Maram is currently working in.


Governments are responsible for protecting the rights of refugees, stateless and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Humanitarian agencies are mandated to assist states to fulfill their obligations with due consideration for the Humanitarian Charter, Protection Principles, and the internationally defined Core and Minimum Standards to be attained during a humanitarian response.


Education is a basic human right and essential protection measure in situations of displacement. Quality education saves lives by providing physical protection from dangers and exploitation often present during displacement. Education can convey life-saving information to children and their families, strengthening survival skills and coping mechanisms which can be essential during displacement

Food Security and Livelihood

People should have access to adequate and appropriate food and income generation opportunities in a manner that is accountable, ensures their survival and well-being, prevents erosion of their assets, and upholds their safety and dignity.


The mission of Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) is to ensure equitable access to shelter and protection for displaced persons living in communal settings, to improve their quality of life and dignity during displacement, and to advocate for solutions while preparing them for life after displacement


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services must meet basic needs. Providing these services in sufficient quantity and quality is urgent for people to survive, stay in good health, and maintain dignity.

Non-Food Items and shelter

In addition to Food Security, people should also have access to adequate non-food items (NFIs) and housing/shelter, as all people should be provided with the means to live in safe, dignified, and appropriate living conditions. .


Individual Beneficiaries


Finished Projects


Employees inside Syria & Turkey


Previous and Current Financial Contributions

Project Highlights

Education 4
Protection 1
  • Olive Tree Camp

    Maram Foundation for Relief and Development’s first and the most challenging project.

  • OTC Kitchen
  • Vocational Training for Syrian Youth and Women Refugees
  • Magazine Distribution

    distributes a children’s magazine to over 100 distribution points

What we do

Maram Foundation For Relief and Development

The Maram Foundation for Relief and Development (MFRD) is a non-profit organization concerned with the implementation of humanitarian projects within Syria and neighboring countries.

Bayti Center

The Bayti Center for Orphan Care directly shelters and cares for 60 children in Reyhanli, Turkey

Asi Library

The Asi library aims to spread knowledge through a diverse collection of books in Arabic, Turkish, and English.

Al Yasmine Centers

The five empowerment and psychosocial support (PSS) centers are established inside Syria, and positioned to offer their services to approximately 12,000 women and girls

Al Hikmah Schools

A bright future begins with a good education. The Al-Hikmeh Schools teach 420 Syrian children, grades one through six

External Financial Audit Report

Take a look at our external financial audit report for the year of 2015

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About us.

The Maram Foundation for Relief and Development (MFRD) is a US-based nonprofit formed by Syrian-Americans which strives to provide relief to refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in need. Our first initiative was the establishment and management of the “Olive Tree” Atmeh IDP camp in Syria, home to thousands of IDP. MFRD has been operating in and around Syria since 2011, and currently designs and carries out its project through and implementing arm of the organization in Gaziantep, Turkey, registered locally and separately there as Nur Dernegi

The name “Maram” was taken after meeting an inspirational young girl who was hit by Syrian government shrapnel and paralyzed. Talking to her, and hearing her inspiring words, convinced the founders that more was needed to provide real support--both in aid, and operations to assist in efforts for victims of war.

MFRD first initiative was again to establish and manage the "Olive Tree" Atmeh IDP camp on the Syrian side of the Turkish border, in the governorate in Idleb. After witnessing the thousands of IDPs sleeping outside, and without shelter, MFRD immediately purchased and set up the necessary tents--thereby establishing the camp for IDPs. The "Olive Tree" Atmeh IDP camp remains to this day, sheltering well over 11.000 people, and is now managed by the Syrian people themselves.

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